The leading Die Casting Supplier Solid Casting effortlessly produces high-quality die-casted products for multiple clients across the world. The die casting process enables the production of single-piece mechanical parts for vehicles and large-scale manufacturing machines. The die casting process enables the producers to customize the production of mechanical parts. The metal build provides the consistency required for machinery. Since metal is one of the most dependable metals as a solid it ensures the all-rounded support required. Moreover the molted metal is easy to mold and form into a design that fits almost perfectly within another. The synchronization of machined parts encourages a smooth operational system.

- Process

SOLID-CASTING offers the integrated services of collection compression casting molds design manufacture pressure casting and precision finishing. All conform to a rigorous quality control system. Our advanced equipment and strict quality control system ensure excellent quality for foreign customers.

- Equipment

63T125T160T250T400T630T800T1000T1300T1600T2000T2500T die-casting machines chemical analysis and mechanical test instruments Furnace for T1-T6 heat treatment.


Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy; such as: A356(G-AlSi7Mg), A360(G-AlSi10Mg), A380, ADC12, ZnAl4-1,Zn-5,Zn-3 etc.


Part weight :0.020-30.00KG Dimensions: 950 mm x 700 mm


Sandblasting, vibration, grinding, low chromium passivation, anodizing, plating, powder coating, polish.