Solid Casting has formed itself as the best Forging Manufacturer in China. Forging factories are meant to be fully functional with the right equipment and a set of the trained workforce. We are the best Forging Company providing these services for large scale corporations to outsource without breaking the budget. Forging spaces have extremely high temperatures due to the heat produced by the melting of materials. The series of equipment protective gear and precautionary supervision is required at an extensive level because the process is complicated and difficult. It is easier to outsource the foolproof machine tools with Solid Casting.

- Process

SOLID Forging Branch can provide Mold forging with CNC machining the process includes forging billet cutting forging billet heating and pretreatment before forming parts post-forming heat treatment cleaning calibration and testing.

- Equipment

SOLID FORGING foundry branch has the following equipment: closed-die forging hammer with capacities of 45OT800T1000T1200T2000T4000T respectively including heating furnaces trimming presses manipulators for forging feed-output devices for heating heat-treatment furnaces box heat generating electrical furnaces available in the widths ranging from two meters to eleven meters etc.


Carbon steels 20#,45#,Q235, stainless steels 304,316, steels alloy 42CrMo, 35CrNiMo, 

Aluminum alloys 60601 T6,6082 T6,7075 T6, brass 59Cu etc.


bridge building, shipbuilding, petroleum industry, power industry, port machinery, engineering machinery ect.


Part weight: 0.02kg-100 Kg


sand blaster, zinc coating, hot-dip galvanizing , powder coating, chrome coating etc.