Machining workshop

Solid Casting is a branded Machined Parts Manufacturer in China. The numerous solid casting services offered by this team of professionals include die casting sand casting and lost wax casting. The Parts Machining Supplier offers the possibility of customization throughout multiple industries. A series of customized mechanic fitted tools allow a synchronized movement through electricity or crude oil as a final product. These mechanical tools need to be of the finest quality to endure long periods of productivity without collapsing. The machined parts require premium raw materials and metals to provide the right amount of support to a functional machine.

- Process

NINGBO SOLIDCASTING offers a full range of machining work on our raw parts including milling turning grinding planing drilling threading and hobbing etc.

- Equipment

Milling machine hobbing machine drilling & CNC milling machine (XK8140: resolution of 0.001 mm; positioning accuracy of 0.008 mm; repeat accuracy of 0.004 mm)CNC Lathe(CK7520 Japan FANUC system: X Z positioning accuracy are 0.016 mm and 0.025 mm; X Z duplication of accuracy are 0.007 mm and 0.010 mm) horizontal lathe beam drilling machine mobile universal drilling machine shaping machine horizontal boring machine circular grinding surface grinding digital wire cutting threading machine sawing machine CNC lathe 4 axes vertical and 4 axes horizontal machining center and so on .


carbon steel GB20 , steel alloy 42CrMo, stainless steel 304/316, gray iron, ductile iron, brass, bronze, aluminum alloy


Scope of work processing the largest diameter of 1250 mm, the largest processing length 3000 mm Accuracy in processing IT01 ~ IT15


Anti-rust oil coating